Note these are some general rules and commonly asked questions.

They have been developed for the privacy, comfort and safety of all our tenants.

Do you allow pets in your rentals?  G & R Rentals is a pet free community, we are happy to refer pet owners to properties that do allow pets.

Do you allow subleasing?  Sub-leasing is not allowed.  It is possible to try to reassign a lease with the help of the office staff. The safety and privacy of all are tenants is important, therefore whomever would like to assume the lease must go through our application process.

How do I renew my lease if I want to stay in my apartment? Renewing a lease is easy. contact us at the office . The office staff will prepare a new lease, that may be electronically signed and returned by the tenant.  Length of renewals varies by property, and is subject to change at any time, based on availability for the rental season. Note the best time to notify the office is before Thanksgiving break and sign and resend the lease by February of the next year.

I have a maintenance issue, how do I resolve it? Anytime there a maintenance issue place a service request on your tenant portal ( not this website) or call the office at 618-549-4713.  If during office hours the request will be written up and sent out right away.  If it is after hours you can leave a message and the order will be written up when the office re-opens. 

I need a short term lease, do you offer anything less than 12 months? Lease are currently available for 6 10 and 12 months and even longer if needed.  Call our office fore details about what lease terms are available where.   Please make sure that you have a signed contract with us so secure you apartment.  

What do I do if I have any emergency maintenance request after office hours?    Call the emergency phone number, 618-967-3156.   If you prompted to leave  a message, leave your name, phone number, and a brief description of the problem.  If your call is not answered immediately, or returned within 30 minutes of leaving a message, call 618-967-9383. 

What happens if I change my mind after I put down a security deposit on a unit? Security deposits are non-refundable. 

When can I look at an apartment?  We show apartments year round!   Appointments are recommended. To insure the privacy and security of our current tenant, when showing an occupied apartment we require a Photo ID that we will copy for our records. We are available for showings Monday – Friday between 9:30 – 4:30. Saturdays by appointment only.  

When do you begin signing leases for the next year? We send out emails around Thanksgiving asking our tenants if they plan to renew their contract or not, and ask that they let us know before Winter Break.  We then will start showing and signing leases as we know what is available.

What happens if I renew my lease, but the rent is increasing in the apartments? If you renew your lease while occupying your apartment the rent will remain at the same price, for two years, as long as you continue renewing your lease with us in the same unit, with no additional occupants added.  Rent will only be raised if  the market calls for raising the rent.

What if I am expecting a package that I cannot be home to sign for? All packages must be addressed to tenants apartment.  UPS or FedEx Packages, when ever possible, the driver will bring it to the office if the tenant is not home and we will sign for it. If it is delivered by US Postal Service (USPS), they may bring the package to the office.   If the tenant is  not home and it will not fit in the tenants mailbox, the postal carrier will leave a note and the package can be picked it up at the Post Office.  

If you are ever unclear on any of these points, you can call our office during office hours and we will be happy to discuss and explain things further.